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The vision of this web site is to offer the ferret community a central location to find the ADV information that all ferret owners need to know.

Aleutian Disease is a very scary disease in the Ferret world. You need to know what to do to be safe. In order to accomplish this, I have put together this site with links to information that is located on other sites around the internet. Please learn everything you can about this disease and save yourself and your ferret the heartache of having this disease.

New to the site are a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. If you have specific FerretADV questions not answered in our FAQs section please submit them to the webmaster and we will try to get an answer for you. Disclaimer - we are not vets, and you should always take your ferrets to the vet when they are having new symptoms or problems.

All links have been updated to include only pages that are still live, that don't just link back to here and that present very useful information and not just opinion. We've also included a brief overview with each link of what kind of information is presented to help you decide which sites to check first in your quest for ADV information.

For those of you who have lost ferrets to this horrible disease, honor their memory by including thier picture and any information you want to share about them on our In Memory page. E-mail webmaster with your pictures and contact information.

If you have a recommendation for an ADV site that should be included on these pages, please e-mail your suggestion to the webmaster.